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Welcome to our Creekside Leos Kennel. We have loved our dogs and want to share them with you!

Creekside Leos is a Leonberger kennel located in Utah among the majestic Rocky Mountains. Our love for this magnificent breed started back in January of 2002 when our little family of five fell head-over-heels for our first Leo pup, Tanzie. She remained our sweet companion until the summer of 2011 when we lost her to cancer. Then, in the spring of 2012 we welcomed the rambunctious Rue to our family. She has successfully carried and reared two healthy litters.  


We are looking for loving and wonderful homes for our sweet puppies. If you are interested, please contact us by email or through the provided process under our "Contact Us" tab on this wepbage. You can also click on the link to the left "Puppy Questionnaire" to fill out the form which you can then email to us to help us get started. Once we hear from you we can begin to get to know you and start the adoption process. 


It is important to us that our puppies will be welcomed into homes as a new member of a loving family. Our puppies are well socialized, comfortable around people, raised to live inside of a home, and are used to lots and lots of love. Our experience has been that Leos are people lovers, they always want to be with their families and do everything with them. They are very sweet and loyal dogs that will always be by your side and will never run out of love.


We are excited to share our love for Leos with you!

Creekside Leos